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How to improve performance of your local Test Grid
For test and devellopment purposals, you dont need a performant computer.

You can run opensimulator with SQLigth at any old dual core computer with minimum of 4GB ram.

But when developing Mesh you will need a lot of coffee at rendering and upload.

Main Problem ist the slow data delivery of a normal Harddisk.

If you have about 2 to 4GB of free Ram in spare, you can improve performance of Testgrid and Mesh upload extremely.

And the best: Its free for personal, non-commercial use.


I use ist as static Ramdisk, that will be restored and backuped at start/stop of Windows by default.

But be carful when configuring it. And test before trust.

Here a description of my testet settings: (Version


Basic Settings:
- Disk Size: 2GB ( max 4GB are posible in the freeware), but be careful not to reduce used system memory. If you take too much, system will start swapping to harddisk, and you loose performance. At an 8GB Ram Win7-64Bit System, a ramdisk of 2Gb will be best.

Format Options:
- do not create temp directory
- set a Label like Ramdisk
- and define a Drive Letter that never will collide with removabel USB devices. I took Z:


Image file to Use:   use a folder where you have write/change rights even in User context. I took: d:\RAMDisk.img

Load Options: First time you create a new disk, but after that you go to "Load the specific saved image"

Save Option: Use "Save Disk Image at Shutdown"


just to inform you on problems.


Only use " Allow Image file to be saved in non System Drives"

AND remember to copy your project after daily work to another Harddisk Folder as well!!!
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